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New Members: Welcome

New Members


Perhaps one of our most cherished traditions is big and little sisters! Each new sister is a "Little" to an active member who becomes her "Big." Bigs serve as guides and mentors for their Littles during their new time in Gamma Phi, and, more than that, are true and constant friends. Potential Littles and Bigs get to know each other at Bid Day, weekly chapter meetings, fun Big/Little mixers, and just by hanging out! Big/Little reveal day is often cited as a Gamma Phi sister's favorite memory of her time in the sisterhood.  A Big/Little bond is a special one that will last a lifetime!

About the new

member program

We love our new members! Our newest sisters get to learn about what it means to be a Gamma Phi Beta through an educational 8-week program organized by our New Member Educator. In addition to bonding with their pledge class during this time, new members are always invited to hang out with their active sisters by going to the beach, getting acai bowls from Sunlife, having movie nights, hiking, exploring Los Angeles and Santa Monica together, going to Disneyland, and more! The week before initiation, our active sisters shower our new members with love, gifts, and affection, and it is always a sweet time of sisterhood before we get to officially welcome these new, incredible women into Gamma Phi Beta.

New Members: Inner_about
New Members: Inner_about



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